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W R I T E O N ! is a nonprofit corporation organized to offer educational writing and training programs primarily to individuals who are disadvantaged or in need of developing enhanced employment skills and self-esteem. Our clients also include individuals who have been abused, in recovery from substance abuse, are homeless, and the care providers who service these populations, as well as those in simply in need of languaging the depths of their experience. At present, we are providing two and a half hour workshops, given weekly at a homeless shelter, community center and an arts zendo which ministers to those on the street.

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The short video you're about to see will give you a taste of our experience of getting in touch with what's true at the moment and allowing it to flow onto the paper.

Find a time that you're unlikely to be interrupted. Turn off the phone, close the door and let your loved ones know you're taking some private time. Date a piece of paper for future reference and have a pen or pencil handy. Sit comfortably, feel your feet on the floor and your seat on the sitting surface. Notice your condition-physically, mentally and emotionally. Breathe gently into your chest or belly to relax into what's so right now. Let go of any concerns you might have about the past or the future in order to give yourself the permission to focus on this moment. If you feel a tightness or ache, consider softening to it; and as you breathe into it, stretch gently as you sit-or if it feels better, feel free to stand. Let sound out if you wish or remain silent. When you feel ready, sit down again, take a breath into your belly and just notice what's true now.

From the entire "Write-On!" team, Thank you for being open to new possibilities through the magic of your own presence.

We use the highest security standards and  will never give your information to anyone for any reason.

We encourage you to make a donation of any amount to assure  "Write-On!" groups are free for everyone.


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*the creative writing workshop that nurtures well-being through self-expression*

(pads and pens provided)

THURSDAY : 1:00-3:30 PM
Faithful Fools at Turk & Hyde
San Francisco, CA

FRIDAY : 2:30-5:00 PM
Enterprise Center at The Wellness Center
Kerner & Bellam
San Rafael, CA

SATURDAY : 7:00-10:00 PM
Fairfax Community Center
16 Park Road
Fairfax, CA

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