In Person On Site Trainings

Relationship Recovery

Focusing on 'back to basic' principles, pitfalls, skills and experience that make the creation of emotionally nourishing relationships possible. This course will enhance practitioners' effectiveness when making interventions and educating clients (singles and couples) on all relationship related matters; 8 CEUs, 8hrs $125/person, $1250/day, plus all expenses paid (travel)

Relationship Model of Addiction

Understanding addiction as a (unhealthy) relationship with a means of relief, one that frustrates and doesn't nourish. Etiology and pre-disposing conditions are accounted for as well; 6 CEUs, 6hrs, $100/person, $1250/day, plus all expenses paid (travel)

Mastering Intervention

An intervention is an orchestrated process in which significant others discuss a plan of action for dealing with a loved one with an addiction. Mastery depends on learning the five stages of theprocess beginning with the Initial Contact, then Psycho-education, Recollection, Rehearsal, and Intervention. 6CEUs, 6hrs. $100/person, $600/day, plus all expenses paid (travel)

Diagnosing Addiction

Making earlier intervention possible by expanding on the standard medical model approach that relies solely and entirely on objective criteria to include 'subjective' criteria, i.e. manifestations of denial; 2CEUs, 2-3hrs $60/person, $600/day, plus all expenses paid (travel)


Revisits how stigma influences how we behave or respond in a wide range of situations, posing numerous counter-transferential challenges to the health professional. 3CEU's, 3-4hrs, $60/person, $ 600/day, plus all expenses paid (travel)

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In person CEU trainings available on-site. Please call Daniel Linder: (415) 456-0802.

Trainings cover the latest developments in the fields of recovery and relationships...

  • The Relationship Model of Addiction picks up where the disease model leaves off
  • Relationship Recovery Training  demystifies the art of intimacy by highlighting principles, challenges, pitfalls and skills
  • Diagnosing Addiction teaches the clinicians how to use ‘subjective’ criteria to make the earliest possible diagnosis
  • Mastering Intervention takes the clinician through the stages of an intervention, leading to mastery
  • Stigma, The Game of Appearances revisits the extraordinary impact stigma still has to bias our perceptions of and reactions to the patient population