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"Insight Out", is a radio show where Errol and Rochelle Alicia Strider explore the relationship with have with ourselves, each other and the Divine Mystery. Insight Out is produced by Laughing Heart and brought to listeners by Strider Innertainment where insightful conversation, poetry, vignettes, characters and music are brought into play to make principles for spiritual living come alive and become more accessible. The Strider's have dedicated their lives, their relationship and their artistic expression to exploring, discovering and actualizing Love. 

"Inside Out" is produced by The Laughing Heart

Sunday evenings 7 - 8pm Pacific Time

Radio Shows

Side by Side - February 13, 2011

Partnershift - September 19, 2010

Presence - August 25, 2010

Marriage -  August, 2010

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PartnerShift Radio coming soon!  

In order to make the much needed paradigm shift that our society is calling for, we must start with our individual relationships…learning to be connected with ourselves, each other and the spirit of our union. 

As we become more expert in facilitating quality and equitable exchange  in all one to one encounters we find ourselves growing the healthy society that many of us envision (long for). 

In Partnershift we recognize that all societies are made up of individuals in relationship. 

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our community. 

Two couples, Errol & Rochelle Alicia Strider, married for 35 years and Daniel Linder and his wife, Taye Corby, married for 25 Years, have come together to explore Partnershift as a model for personal growth, relationship building and social transformation. 

Drawing from their personal and professional experience as therapists, educators, authors, spiritual leaders, parents and partners they engage in a lively, spontaneous, often humorous conversation about the issues and dynamics of relationships while providing practical solutions to the nitty gritty issues of dealing with people. 

Partnershift is based on 419, 256 principles and 225½ Universal laws, but we’ve shortened the list to 3--we just can’t remember what they are…. Oh yeah,…here they are…. Show Up. Pay Attention. Stay in Touch! 

Come prepared to learn, laugh and be inspired. 

Taye Bela Corby, Co-founder RelationshipVision 

What I love about the Striders and their Insight Out Radio Show (oh, that’s so clever, isn’t it?) They are so clever! You never know what they're going to say next. I don’ know how they think those things up.. I swear!

And talk they do…but the Striders are good at it (the way they can finish each other's sentences...that's just so efficient and cute! That way they're each only responsible for half a sentence!…and just when you think you’ve had enough talk, they play the most meaningful music, which always seems to go with the subject… and they demonstrate how you could apply the things they say to actual life.

Dr. Phil, move over.

Thelma Puddlhehop, St. Francis, KS