Free eTraining Course: Avoiding Pitfalls that Sabotage Relationship Opportunities

What a difference understanding some common pitfalls will make! A better understanding of them will be empowering. Subtle adjustments will enhance creative potential.

Do you tend to depend on appearance or attraction to initiate contact, to engage in conversation? Do you mistake sex for intimacy? Do you confuse 'being in love' with 'love'? Do you say, "Let's be friends" when there is zero interest in pursuing a relationship?

Avoiding Pitfalls will surely improve your chances for meaningful contact, cut down on missed opportunities, significantly reduce the likelihood of getting into a bad relationship or getting into one for the wrong reasons, and build a stronger sense of self.

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About Daniel Linder, MFT

Daniel Linder

Relationships. I was born with a keen sense about relationships, was always assessing how close and intimate people are with each other. I had a knack for relationships. The importance of relationships cuts to the core of who I am. The combination of clinical training, 25 years of professional experience treating dysfunctional, non-intimate couples and families, as well as rigorous self analysis has given me a lot to work with. I put what seemed to come naturally to me under a microscope in an effort to break the process of building healthy relationships down to concrete essentials: Understanding of Basic Principles, Communication Skills, Self-realization and Intimacy.

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