Dating to Relate Weekend Workshop

  • Provides intensive dating and relationship training
  • Learn basic principles, how to overcome inherent challenges and avoid common relationship sabotaging pitfalls.
  • ‘Practice dates’ provide opportunities to practice essential communication skills: self-disclosure, listening, asking questions

Whether you’re discouraged and put off by your dating experiences, are new to the dating scene and don’t have the know-how, or have a history of unfulfilling, short-lived, non-intimate relationships, you will come away from this workshop able to turn dating into a self-affirming experience, maximize your chances of creating healthy, intimate relationships and empowered to transform the quality of all your relationships, especially newly forming ones.

10 Principles of Healthy Dating

  • Have a vision of the kind of relationship you want to create.
  • Dating is a means of realizing your vision.
  • Dating is an activity with a specific objective: spending a period of time with another person to see how you feel being together and to decide whether or not you want to see that person again.
  • A relationship is a joint-effort creation.
  • Enter into an initial encounter with a ‘clean slate.’
  • Be prepared for the best and worst that can happen.
  • Relationships continue from where they begin.
  • Intimacy begins with rapport.
  • The nature of intimacy is vulnerability.
  • Whenever you’re in a relationship, you’re in two relationships, with yourself as well as with the other person.

The Dating to Relate Workshop will generally be 1 weekend per month Hours 9:00am - 5:00pm (Saturday & Sunday) Orinda, Calif. Office

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About Daniel Linder, MFT

Daniel Linder

Relationships. I was born with a keen sense about relationships, was always assessing how close and intimate people are with each other. I had a knack for relationships. The importance of relationships cuts to the core of who I am. The combination of clinical training, 25 years of professional experience treating dysfunctional, non-intimate couples and families, as well as rigorous self analysis has given me a lot to work with. I put what seemed to come naturally to me under a microscope in an effort to break the process of building healthy relationships down to concrete essentials: Understanding of Basic Principles, Communication Skills, Self-realization and Intimacy.

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