Relationship Training

Mastering Intervention - Daniel Linder, MFT

An intervention is a carefully orchestrated, step-by-step process that begins at the point of initial contact from a family member. The counselor can then proceed to set up and guide the family through the stages of Psycho-education, Recollection, Rehearsal and Action Planning and culminating with Implementation-- when they address the addict directly and need for treatment.

Be ready for that initial contact from a significant other, which could happen anytime and happens frequently.

Add an essential tool to your array of services. Expect to be able to effectively conduct an intervention upon completion of this training.

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Our courses are designed primarily for professionals looking for fresh, new perspectives on Addictions, Recovery and Relationships. You will be able to keep course materials to use as a reference or guide whenever the need arises.

Online self-study enables you to learn at your own pace in your own time in your own way -- no full day or two at a workshop; no travel, parking or childcare.

The Board of Behavioral Sciences has ruled that effective February 1, 2003, all 36 California CEU's required for continued licensure can be gotten through online courses.

Be sure to check with your particular licensing board to confirm that all requirements are met.