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The First Time You Meet Someone Relationship Training

The First Time You Meet Someone (TFTYMS)

(6:30-8pm Thrusdays 2017 in Orinda, Ca.; 10 meetings, every other week $750). 

TFTYMS is an intensive relationship-training workshop specifically for singles or those who are considering that teaches how to date, relate and connect.   

TFTYMS closes the gap between the lure of the potential to connect or land a relationship, with that it takes to actually realize that potential. What often gets in the way of realizing that potential is the glaring lack of knowhow.   

TFTYMS treats dating, relating and connecting as creative processes – art forms that require an understanding of basic principles, the development of essential skills and, of course lots of practice. You have to be highly motivated, focused and mindful of what you are doing in order to achieve proficiency.   

In TFTYMS, you will: 

  • Learn basic principles, develop essential communication skills and opportunities to put them into practice so that you become a more proficient dater, relater and connector.  
  • Build confidence in your ability to handle any of the challenges you can face the first time you meet someone.  
  • Become more comfortable being yourself, more open, honest and authentic in all of your relationships and when dating. 
  • Boost your “connectivity quotient,” (increase your creativity, presence and magnetism).  
  • Increase your chances of making a connection and see more desirable outcomes.   
  • Learn and grow from every encounter, regardless of the outcome of any one.  

Contact: Daniel A. Linder, MFT 


Bio: Daniel Linder MFT; Relationship Trainer; 30+ years of private practice experience with individuals, couples and families in the SF Bay Area; author of Dating, A Guide to Creating Intimate Relationships and Intimacy, The Essence of True Love, and numerous articles about dating and relationships.


Why am I, a happily married man of 31+ years, writing, talking and teaching about the first time you meet someone? Having spent decades trying to shed light on what it is that I do and how I relate, and what it is that my wife, Taye and myself do/did to create a relationship that continues to deepen and grow over time, it is our ability to create a safe space to be fully ourselves with each other is what shines the brightest. It dawned on me that the way we are with each other now is, in many ways, the same way we were with each other when we first met. Our relationship continued from where it began.

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