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The Relational Model of Addiction TM - Daniel Linder, MFT

“An inherent limitation of a strictly medical model approach is ignoring the fact that ‘pathological dependence’ implies that a relationship, one that is emotional and psychological in nature, has formed with the substance or activity (i.e. gambling, porn, etc.) The ‘pathological dependency’ is a pathological relationship, one in which there is a beginning, progressive emotional involvement and a synergistic interplay between dependence and denial.”

The Relational Model of Addiction accounts for pre-disposing conditions and etiology; applies across addictions including drug addiction and alcoholism, porn, sex, and love addictions and compulsive gambling; and has profound treatment implications for those in recovery.

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About Our Online Courses

Our courses are designed primarily for professionals looking for fresh, new perspectives on Addictions, Recovery and Relationships. You will be able to keep course materials to use as a reference or guide whenever the need arises.

Online self-study enables you to learn at your own pace in your own time in your own way -- no full day or two at a workshop; no travel, parking or childcare.

The Board of Behavioral Sciences has ruled that effective February 1, 2003, all 36 California CEU's required for continued licensure can be gotten through online courses.

Be sure to check with your particular licensing board to confirm that all requirements are met.