THE FIRST TIME YOU MEET SOMEONE (TFTYMS) – Relationship Training in Orinda California

The First Time You Meet Someone (TFTYMS) is an intensive relationship training for singles who are dating (online or any other venue to meet people) or considering dating, who are looking to make deeper connections or somehow land in a healthy, intimate, emotionally nourishing relationship. TFTYMS is a didactic, interactive and experiential training in the arts of dating, relating and connecting.  You have to know what you’re doing. You have to learn basic principles and become a more proficient relater by developing an essential skill set. You have to be prepared for the challenges you will encounter. You will become more mindful of the creative process and will increase your “connectivity quotient” (whatever that is.) Not only will you learn and grow in the process, you will see more desirable outcomes in all of your relating encounters.

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