What is RelationshipVision?

RelationshipVision® is an online relationship training resource intended to serve as a source of invaluable information about creating emotionally nourishing relationships.

Whether single or in a relationship, in recovery from addiction or simply in pursuit of better relationships, a helping professional or student, RelationshipVision is the number one place to go for guidance and psycho-education regarding basic principles and skills building.

Answers to frequently asked questions, i.e. What is sexual attraction? What is intimacy? How does intimacy happen? Do basic principles apply? What are the necessary skills? Relevant articles, interactional advice and access to free introductory eTraining will be posted.

We also list numerous books and services including psychotherapy, coaching and consulting; workshops and continuing education courses that are available for purchase. To navigate the site, please our home page: http://relationshipvision.com or ask your question: http://relationshipvision.com/ask-question

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