Can I get addicted and not even try, but just taking the meds my doctor told me to take?

Interesting choice of words in your question…’Just taking the meds my doctor told me to” is a passive approach to your self-care. I’m assuming the meds you are referring to are on the order of pain meds and were prescribed in an effort to relieve pain. If your intent in seeing your doctor in the first place had nothing to do with wanting to get high or seeking relief from emotional pain, you would not be considered to be at risk of becoming addicted. Presumably you would stop taking them when the conditions causing the pain is remedied or when the pain subsides to tolerable levels. On the other hand, If you find yourself continuing to take them because you prefer the way they make you feel, you would likely be at risk for becoming addicted. If you find yourself taking increasing amounts of anasthetic meds (usually opiates), you’re likely on your way to becoming addicted. If there is a history of addiction, the risk increases as well. The people who are at risk of becoming addicted are those with the pre-disposing condition of a relatively high amount of pent-up pain (from unmet emotional needs), and are therefore (desperately) seeking relief. Additionally, whenever there is a dependence (emotional and often physical) that develops, there is denial, which makes it impossible for the person who has become addicted to know he or she is addicted. People generally don’t become addicted randomly, when “they are not trying” to do so.

All in all though, your question serves as a reminder to educate yourself as best you can when ever it comes to your health and well-being.

author Daniel Linder
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