Are You Having an Affair? Do you Want to Have an Affair?

Confused and depressed. I live with my boyfriend of 7 years now. We have no sexual relations. If any, he gets his and leaves me hanging. Not affectionate. Hardly ever hugs or kisses me. It?s just his ways. I am a very affectionate person. 3 yrs ago I turned to another man whom is living with a woman. I didn’t know they had been together for 20 years until I was so wrapped up in his I couldn’t turn loose. He treats me better than anyone has ever treated me. He says he loves me but he?s older and I’m 10 years younger than he. He cannot leave her. I’m not a home wrecker. I have never been involved with anyone who had someone else. I love him and he says he loves me. He calls me everyday sometimes more than once. He was the only one to get me anything for Christmas. He bought me a diamond ring. I was very surprised. I think he cares very deeply for me as I do him. But lately he’s been off work because of sickness. He still tries to see me once a week but only maybe an hour. It?s tearing me apart. I’m addicted to him. He keeps me going. He helps me deal with everyday problems that stress me out. He’s my best friend. I have tried to break it off 2 or 3 times and make it work at home. But my boyfriend just pushes me away; affection and sex and end right back up with my lover. I wish I could be with him. I know this is not right. It eats me alive. I can never be with him the way I want to. But it?s so lonely with him when I don’t get to see him. I’m ill and cranky I can hardly stand it. I think I miss him more than he misses me. His relationship at home is not like mine. They get along. But about once a month they take off for the week-end to her sisters or to gamble. That’s when it?s really hard when I cannot be with him. I believe he cares for me. I know he does. But it?s a hopeless situation. This has really been rough on me during the holidays. He’s with her and I’m at home with a man who doesn’t want me. I don’t know what to do. My life is a mess…

I have a good job right now. I should be happy. but I’m not. Don?t just tell to move on. I’ve tried. I’ve never lived by myself. I’ve been married 2 times and now live with a guy. My kids are 19 and 23. How to do learn to live for self now and not everyone else? That?s all I know is to do for everyone else. I want to learn to make myself happy without depending on a man to do this for me. There are no girlfriends I hang out with. I go to work and come home acting like a old married lady. When I see him I go shopping or take off work when no one knows. I know it?s a dangerous life. I just want someone to love me and respect me. That?s another reason I can’t let my lover to go. He loves me unconditionally. He always tells me I’m a wonderful, pretty; smart, have a good job and any man would be lucky to have me. I am a very giving person. Sometimes I think too giving. I need to find peace and happiness. Sorry this is so long. It?s that I just want you to understand. I know you can?t possibly understand because you don’t know really all about my life. I thought about going for some counseling. My job has a program to support 3 sessions. But I figured only 3 wouldn’t help me. My issues started a long time ago. Please help.

Response from Daniel?.

Are you saying that you’ve never been in therapy?! Certainly the recommendation here is that you begin a course of intensive self-work. Carrying on a secret love affair can often become an addiction that invariably leads to destructive consequences. Both of the relationships you’re trying to maintain right now are at risk of ending badly. After a period of intensive self-work, the next step would be to pursue couples therapy so that your relationship is given a chance to “air out.” Once the two of you begin to address the issues keeping the relationship stagnant, there is always the possibility you can re-build the relationship.

A little bit about having affairs…

It’s when you’re emotionally frustrated in your relationship, i.e. hungry, resentful, estranged, the fantasy of having an affair is the most tantalizing, and you’re at the greatest risk of acting on any opportunity that presents itself.

See article at website:

Acting Responsibly in the Face of Desire: (click articles: Acting Responsibly in the Face of Desire).

Some excerpts:

“Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have an affair. It’s the ultimate fantasy ? a sexual interlude in which you’re not encumbered by inhibition. One in which there’s no emotional baggage whatsoever for either person: no conflicts, differences or negative feelings. She expects nothing from me and I expect nothing from her. There’s nothing about her I dislike and she wants me unconditionally. She knows exactly what to say and do, without my telling her. She just knows. She is the safest woman on the planet for I can open up about anything and she’ll comfort me with understanding. There’s no one like her. It’s the same thing every time: we can’t wait to “make love,” the “love-making” is more wild and passionate than any I’ve ever experienced; then we part with no guilt or obligation, only with appreciation and anticipation of our next encounter, whenever it will be. There’s no such thing as stress when we’re together, it doesn’t exist. No stress.”

“Could having an affair be this good? Perhaps. If it were this good the first time, would it continue to be so in subsequent encounters? It’s doubtful, because the reality cannot match our fantasies. Reality and fantasy are two different realms of experience. Yet they are connected.”

“Anything desired or imaginable can be acted upon. However, the moment a fantasy is acted on; it becomes a real experience and is no longer a fantasy. The nature of the relationship changes from platonic to sexual, from friendly acquaintance to secret love, with no way to undo that shift.”

Furthermore, whether it’s a “one-time” occurrence, sporadic or regular, you would either have to lie in order to maintain the affair, or else confess it to your boyfriend. Concealment creates a wedge between the two of you that would probably increase as long as the affair in maintained. Undoubtedly, confession would precipitate a monumental upset in our marriage.

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He Denies He is Having an Affair, But I Don’t Believe Him.

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 20 years. We have not married although he bought me a ring at a pawn shop over a year ago (to be truthful I was a little hurt at the time but now I love the ring). The issue is this: for several months now I have grown increasingly convinced that he is having an affair. He denies it but I do not believe him.

Response from Daniel?..

Red flag! Red flag! Red flag!

If you’re convinced that your boyfriend of 20 yrs is having an affair and his denial of such leaves in disbelief, this obviously doesn’t bode well. There is a trust issue, which I consider a deal breaker. “The party is over!” “Stop right there!” Either you’re paranoid or he is lying; the former is far less likely. Either way, this issue needs to be addressed further, perhaps in a couples therapy setting. The only way you could continue in the relationship will be by ignoring the warning signals gnawing in your gut. These warning signals work as your internal defense and protection system that alert you when in danger, when not safe, at the very least, proceed with caution. Don’t let the ring he bought you and wishful thinking, denial and unconscious need to be loved and desired be your demise. You don’t want to be asking yourself after you find out you were right, “How could I have been so foolish? Why didn’t I listen to my gut?”

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