You’re Sober. Now What?

After a sustained period of stabilization — The Break-Up — you will have presumably already “come out” as ‘recovering’ within your inner circle and developed a network of relationships that support recovery. Stage II of recovery is an unspecified period of Self-work or Self-care, developing the relationship with your Self. You can grow your relationship with your Self through various activities and practices including reading, journal writing, meditation, pursuing individual and/or group therapy. Recovery is as you may well know, a lifelong process. If you’re “asleep at the wheel,” you’re at greater risk of crashing or relapsing. Anytime you lose touch with your Self, you’re prey to the potential to act impulsively. Given the ever-present potential to relapse regardless the quality or stage of recovery, it’s necessary maintain adherence to a program, I call daily “therapy stations” to remind you of your vulnerability. Stage II is about taking responsibility for your own health and well-being.


author Daniel Linder
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