Are you in a relationship wondering whether you ought to be in it?

Breaking-up Mindfully Workshop (10 wk; 1 1⁄2 hrs 1x/wk, 10 wks; $1000)

Are you considering “breaking-up?” Are you in a relationship wondering whether you ought to be in it? Are you in a relationship you no longer want to be in? Are you in a relationship because you don’t see a way out?

Are you involved with a “means of relief, i.e. with substances (alcohol, opioids, benzos, meth) or activities that had become addictions, i.e. sex, porn, gambling; or with people as is the case in co-dependent relationships?

Are you wishing to learn more about incorporating mindfulness into your life and relationships?

The Breaking-up Mindfully workshop applies mindfulness principles to the process of “breaking-up.”

You will:
Learn how to assess the relationship more objectively, whether it is serving you or providing what you need.
Gain a more objective and reliable basis for making decisions and taking action. have a game-plan to implement and be provided with a map to follow – The Five
Steps of Breaking-up.
See your way through the process of “breaking-up” and take the necessary action steps, with other people on the same path, supporting each other.
Mindfulness is a running theme that is specifically applied to the process of “breaking- up;” mindfulness to heighten your awareness, ignite your creativity and power to transform the quality of your life and relationships; empowerment through awareness.
It’s what happens after your “break-up” that matters the most!
Breaking-up Mindfully is both didactic and interactive, in a safe and supportive atmosphere that is most conducive to learning, being open and exploring the uncharted territory of “breaking-up.”

Daniel Linder, MFT (415) 456-0802

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This is an opportunity for you to go through the process of “breaking-up” a relationship with a means of relief, whether with substances, activities or people; it’s a relationship you no longer want to be in, an unhealthy one that provides no emotional nourishment; with other people who are doing the same thing, supporting each other every step of the way, And with me guiding every step of the way.

For a brief description & to register, please visit: Daniel A. Linder/ Breaking Up Mindfully Workshop

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Stage II Recovery – Developing a Relationship with Your Self – Discovering Your Triggers

Becoming aware of your triggers is a journey of discovery in itself. Developing a relationship with
your Self simply means becoming aware of your experience and acting in your own best interests.Becoming more conscious of what’s unconscious.

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