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“A Train Is Coming!” / From Lubitz to Trump (abridged version)

“A Train Is Coming!” / From Lubitz to Trump by Daniel A. Linder MFT  At least I’m not alone.  Two hundred years ago, it was Paul Revere. Now it is the mental health community of this generation whose duty it is to sound the alarm in the face of threats to our safety and well-being.    The Goldwater Rule (GR 1964) considers any clinical information obtained outside of a tradit....(Read full article...)


Breaking up Mindfully  by Daniel A. Linder, MFT  Breaking up Mindfully is an outgrowth of The Relationship Model of Addiction (TRMA™). TRMA™ introduces a new paradigm for understanding addiction and recovery, one that shines a light on the emotional, psychological, and relationship aspects of addiction.    TRMA™ defines addiction as a relationship with a means of relief from t....(Read full article...)

Revisiting the Age-Old Case of Diagnostic Confusion: Sociopath Versus Psychopath

Revisiting the Age-Old Case of Diagnostic Confusion: Sociopath Versus Psychopath  by Daniel A. Linder, MFT  Many forensic psychologists and criminologists use the terms sociopathy and psychopathy interchangeably. Leading experts have disagreed on whether there are meaningful differences between them.1  In an article written in 1996, “Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Ca....(Read full article...)

"No Intimate Relationships During the First Year of Sobriety!"

Recovering addicts hear this all the time in 12-step programs. However, this sound bit of wisdom is rarely heeded. Many have a hard time accepting that a hiatus from intimate relationships is necessary. In their minds, dating and new relationships seem benign. As long as I'm not using and we're not using and are in a program, I'm safe. Not so fast. Getting into an intimate relationship prematurely....(Read full article...)

Trump Adjustment Disorder (TAD)

Trump Adjustment Disorder (TAD) Something happened on a mass scale that had a cataclysmic impact – the election campaign and the outcome of the election that Trump is President of the United States,  sending ripples through time like a never-ending tsunami.   Trump is President. There can be no denying it anymore. There are those, more than half this country, so impacted – traumati....(Read full article...)

Trump: Unfit and Extremely Dangerous

Trump: Unfit and Extremely Dangerous  The news headline took my breath away. “Trump has forty percent chance of becoming President.” Yikes! Clinton is plummeting in the polls while Trump is gaining momentum. “How is this possible?” I wondered. “How could I have been so wrong?”    When I saw thousands, perhaps millions of fervent “Trumpeters” on TV,....(Read full article...)

The Relationship Model of Addiction Humanizes Addiction

Humanizing Addiction by Daniel A. Linder, MFT This new paradigm – The Relationship Model of Addiction ™(TRMA™)– is intended primarily for clinicians to gain an understanding of addiction and recovery they can bring to their work - when providing education, conducting assessments and formulating treatment plans. It could also prove useful and valuable to those in recovery ....(Read full article...)

A Crash Course on Porn Addiction

Crash Course on Porn Addiction  by Daniel Linder, MFT,  Addiction Specialist The goal here is to gain an understanding and have an experience of porn addiction you can bring to your work - when you might need to educate, conduct assessments to determine whether or not one is addicted to porn (or other means of relief), and formulate treatment plans.   I - What is addiction? Before we get int....(Read full article...)


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About Daniel Linder, MFT

Daniel Linder Relationships. I was born with a keen sense about relationships, was always assessing how close and intimate people are with each other. I had a knack for relationships. The importance of relationships cuts to the core of who I am. The combination of clinical training, 30 years of professional experience treating addictive, non-intimate couples and families, as well as rigorous self analysis has given me a lot to work with. I put what seemed to come naturally to me under a microscope in an effort to break the process of building healthy relationships down to concrete essentials: Understanding of Basic Principles, Communication Skills, Self-realization and Intimacy.

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