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RelationshipVision™ is an online relationship training resource.

To empower the transformation of relationships by providing psycho-education regarding basic principles for creating emotionally nourishing relationships and communication skills building. When successful visitors will shift their paradigm from addictive relationships to emotionally nourishing ones.

All of the information and services offered by Daniel A. Linder, MFT are based on 30 years of research and experience as a private practitioner: Relationship Trainer and Addictions Specialist working in the San Francisco Bay area... serving a culturally diverse population, including all races, religions, nationalities and sexual orientations.

All our joint partner relationships are collaborative ventures with the most powerful forerunners in the field.


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About Daniel Linder, MFT

Daniel Linder

Relationships. I was born with a keen sense about relationships, was always assessing how close and intimate people are with each other. I had a knack for relationships. The importance of relationships cuts to the core of who I am. The combination of clinical training, 25 years of professional experience treating dysfunctional, non-intimate couples and families, as well as rigorous self analysis has given me a lot to work with. I put what seemed to come naturally to me under a microscope in an effort to break the process of building healthy relationships down to concrete essentials: Understanding of Basic Principles, Communication Skills, Self-realization and Intimacy.

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